Welcome to Cheltenham Country Kennels, near Fielding in the heart of Manawatu! We provide a number of residential facilities for dogs of various backgrounds and varying capabilities.

Send your dogs to stay at our modern, comfortable facilities, with staff who have years of experience in boarding, training and working dogs.

The dogs benefit from large, outdoor grass runs and we generally organise a communal playtime (with owners permission).

Pick-up and drop-off service is also available.

Kennels – $35 per day.

Our kennels provide comfortable, secure accommodation for our guests, whether they are just visiting or are on a training course.

The kennels have been constructed to the highest specification using hygienic, resilient materials.

Small dogs have the additional comfort of special heated units.

We welcome inspections from clients.

Training Courses

We have a pedigree of delivering skilled, reliable working dogs for a variety of roles. We have over 30 years’ professional training experience.

Following successful completion of one of our courses, dogs will be placed in one of a number of environments.

Recent successes include:

  • Corrections
  • Drug detection
  • Military explosives
  • Landsar search dogs
  • Dog detection
  • Medical detection
  • Assistance dogs